Welcome to Jay Turner Photography

I should start by telling you that my background is in Anthropology, so my perspective is based on a fascination for people and their culture.  I try to capture the qualities that make us different from one another and also those human qualities that we all share in common.   I see every human being as unique and with something special to give the camera.I’ve created this site to show a sampling of my work and have divided the photos into three categories: Faces, Places, and Ethnographic. Some photos can’t fit in a single category and may belong in more than one. This webpage was born out of necessity, since more and more people for various reasons are interested in seeing my work and this was a practical solution. While the photos here are watermarked, high quality, non-watermarked prints of my photos are available for sale either professionally framed and signed or unframed.  Also, I’m available for photo shoots, classic head shots or more creative work. Please feel free to contact me from the information above.